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May 26, 2017

#Gold - The Penalty Box chart

Below is a comment and graphic on gold stocks from Scotiabank. It shows the darling stocks and the ones sitting in the penalty box. It doesn't mean that gold stocks in the penalty box will do well in the future. As a matter of fact these companies have to do something to get out of the penalty box in order that investors start buying them.


- Gold Equities Penalty Box Update…: Below Scotia Mining Sales showing a scattered diagram showing where each company trades between their 52 Week Low and 52 Week High (0% for 52 WL and 100% for 52 WH) plotted against Scotiabank's P/NAV5% at Spot Everything – see attached pdf for full comps.  Value shoppers may like to see companies in the bottom left quadrant because they are "washed out" by the market and have a very low valuation. 


Source: P/NAV data provided by Scotiabank GBM Precious Metals Research; Pricing Data provided by Bloomberg; Chart created by Scotia Mining Sales

* All THO estimates provided by Scotia Mining Sales


The Penalty Box  stocks are: PG=Premier Gold, DPM=Dundee Preciuos Metals, RIC=Richmont Mines, TMR=, THO=, DGC=Detour Gold, GUY=Guyana Goldfields,

G=Goldcorp, AGI=Alamos Gold, NGD=NewGold, MND=, AU=, YRI=Yamana Gold, TGZ=Teranga Gold, ACA=, SMF=SEMAFO, AKG=Asanko Gold.

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