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July 24, 2016

Nothing wrong with #China #copper imports after Q2 2016 released

From Paradigm Capital  

On Wednesday , a day after the ICSG,China released June import numbers, announcing a surprising surge in copper demand of 6% y/y for the first 4 months of 2016, 


Details: While imports in total were down from the previous month in June they were up 20% from the previous year. Q2 copper imports in all forms, refined, scrap and in concentrate, totaled 2.3M tonnes the third largest quarterly  import level  and a record Q2. First half 2016 imports now total 4.7M tonnes beating the previous high of 4M tonnes recorded in 2014 and up 24% from last year which proved to be a record year at 8.6M tonnes.


Conclusion: Nothing wrong with Chinese copper demand.

July 6, 2016

Commitment of Traders #Gold, data to Jun 28/16 #COT

Updated Commitment of Traders (data to Jun 28/16) attached, courtesy of Paradigm Capital
For the third week in a row, new records are being set...
The Speculative (Non-Commercial) Long position hit a record 373,128 contracts and the Net Speculative Position (Non Commercial Long minus Non-Commercial Short) hit a record 301,920 contracts.
(Record as far back as the data we have, which goes back to 1993)