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January 10, 2017

#Gold #Silver #ETF's - Finally some buying comes back $GLD $SLV

Total Global Gold ETFs were UP 41kozs Friday to 57.015Mozs.  …. Global Silver ETFs were UP 116kozs Friday to 652.4Mozs.

Attached are ETF gold redemptions since the election in the U.S. Up to January 4, 2017, every single day saw gold redemptions (attachment 1).


Below is the chart as of January 6th, 2017 (last Friday). Finally some buying occured for the first time on January 4, 2017. This was the first buying since November 9, 2016, and the chart is flatten out in gold and silver.


Total Global Gold ETFs were UP 41kozs Friday to 57.015Mozs…. Global Silver ETFs were UP 116kozs Friday to 652.4Mozs.

Source: Bloomberg



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