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May 10, 2016

#Gold Hedging is back, in Q1 amount hedged is >2.5x am't hedged in all of 2015


   Exhibit 1: Global gold producer hedging/de-hedging in tonnes 

Source: Metal Focus, J.P. Morgan Commodities Research

 The return of gold hedging

With gold prices rallying over 20% since the end of last year, a fast-growing number of gold mining companies have been locking in profit margins through hedging.  In 1Q16, gold producers hedged almost 2.6 million ounces (79.6 tonnes) of their future gold production, by our estimates (Exhibit 1). This compares to 28 tonnes hedged in 2015 and 116 tonnes in all of 2014 (Exhibit 2)The move back towards hedging has been broad-based with producers from Australia, Canada, Russia and Africa hedging through a combination of forward contracts and zero-cost collars. 


Exhibit 2: Global gold producer hedging/de-hedging




Source: GFMS, Metal Focus, J.P. Morgan Commodities Research


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